January 24, 2022

​​International Day of Education

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Let's celebrate education! How important is it for you that your company gives space for personal development? Today is ​​International Day of Education, and we want to share our Learning experience and the opportunities within EMPAUA for self-development.

According to Deloitte, a professional services and research company: “Dedicating 1% of the work week (that’s about 24 minutes) enables employees to stay up to date with best practices and industry developments.” - if you break it down, that would be only 5 minutes a day! Moreover, Deloitte adds “Comprehensive training leads to a 218% higher revenue per employee.” 

At EMPAUA, we are very aware of how beneficial self-development, learning and training are. We have been implementing different programmes continually and giving all the facilities and tools that our people need to achieve their goals. 

Constant learning is critical for today's workforce, and particularly for the younger generations, which is a key point when deciding on the company they want to work for. 

One of the strongest programmes we have at EMPAUA is the promotion, support and sponsorship of Salesforce Certificates.

Salesforce suggests that “getting a Salesforce certification can transform your career and pave the way to increased responsibilities and promotions, all the while allowing you to contribute even more to your organization’s success.”

At EMPAUA, we think that our job is not only to support customers find the solutions to the problems they are dealing with or to the challenges they want to embrace in the near future. We also want to help them detect pain points they might not even know about yet, and develop innovative solutions to those new challenges, too.

That is why Salesforce Certifications are an important way to prepare professionals to help our customers exceed their own expectations and take their businesses to the next level.

Salesforce certifications are credentials that are highly recognised by the industry. Moreover, they enhance the résumé of our team members no matter what skills, knowledge, work experience and achievements they have.

Our team is composed of a significant number of highly qualified certified professionals and in total today, we have 212 Salesforce Certifications. Let’s see the breakdown here: 

48 - Salesforce Certified Administrator

28 - Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

26 - Sales Cloud Consultant

18 - Platform Developer I

17 - Service Cloud Consultant

8 - Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

7 - Experience Cloud Consultant

6 - Advanced Administrator

6 - Pardot Specialist

5 - Sharing & Visibility Designer

5 - Pardot Consultant

4 - Marketing Cloud Developer

4 - Platform Developer II

3 - Data Architecture & Management Designer

3 - Marketing Cloud Consultant

3 - Field Service Consultant

3 - Education Cloud Consultant

3 - Application Architect

2 - Development Lifecycle & Deployment Designer

2 - Integration Architecture Designer

2 - JavaScript Dev I

2 - Marketing Cloud Admin

2 - Non-profit Cloud Consultant

1 - Identity & Access Management Designer

1 - User Experience (UX) Designer

1 - CPQ Specialist

1 - Heroku Architect Designer

1 - System Architect

What is our experience? 

Since the foundation of EMPAUA, learning and training has been a key element for our team. It is the key to success for the development of each of our professionals. 

Not only do we support Salesforce Certificates, but we are also constantly innovating in implementing new strategies to give everyone the space and time they need for their personal development. 

How does it work in reality? If you are a full-time employee at EMPAUA, you will be working for us 40 hours. Now, 32 hours of that time is considered billable hours. That is the weekly target. The 8 remaining hours (that’s 1,6 hours per day) can be used for internal roles/projects or studying for certifications or any other kind of training that will enrich your professional career. Now, as we work under self-management policies, each person is free to use those hours as they prefer and while the demand of projects is not high. Obviously, this is not mandatory but a great benefit of working with us. 

EMPAUAment Friday 

On December 10, we had our second so-called EMPAUAment Friday. What is this? We take time together as a company and dedicate a whole day to our learning and development.

Our clients are informed well in advance that we are not going to be available on that day, so everybody can focus on their upskilling.

We were aiming for a good mix of external input and individually working on our goals: in the morning, we split up in groups to attend workshops on Negotiation Management, Lightning components and Child Records in Flow.

In the afternoon, everyone got to work on their projects, e.g. preparing for certifications - but we still came together in a videoconference and spiced up the focus time with input on how to get rid of distractions and get into flow when working, and little break activities to release tension and maintain our energy. We were super productive and got a lot done during that session! #bettertogether

Working at EMPAUA not only comes with regular EMPAUAment Fridays, but also with other attractive benefits like flexible working and unlimited holidays.

Learning Sessions 

Everyone is good at something or very knowledgeable in a specific topic. Why not give others a little introductory course? All the same, if it's about Salesforce features or how to plan a round-the-world trip on a tight budget - we like to share our knowledge so everybody can benefit from it. 

Roughly every two or three weeks, there is a Learning Session planned. The Learning Session Coordinator distributes info about the topic, speaker and target audience before the session. They can also assist in finding a topic, if you are not sure what to present about yourself. 

Development Sessions

Every six months, we organise a Development session for each team member. The meeting serves as a platform for both reflection and planning. It’s facilitated by the Personal Development Coach and also attended by the respective team lead.

Read more about this in How we support professional growth at EMPAUA

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