February 25, 2019

How we hire the right Salesforce people

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The IDC predict that the global Salesforce economy will create a total of 3.3M new jobs by 2022, with close to 115K of these in the UK, and 26K in Germany. This includes hires made directly by Salesforce, Salesforce implementation partners, ISV’s, and end-users of the platform. The war on talent is becoming more and more competitive so it’s imperative to find a way to set your brand apart in order to secure top talent.Our hiring needs can arise in a number of different ways. Usually however, it is necessary to hire in order to support continued growth and close skill gaps which may be required by our customers. So we how do we go about ensuring we can bring on the best Salesforce talent in this fierce environment?


It’s no secret that the demand for Salesforce skills currently outweighs the availability of such skills, especially if you look at the more technical roles (developers/architects). So how can we set ourselves apart to give us the best chance to hire these specialists? We take a different approach to hiring. Our process isn’t just about identifying whether or not someone can do the job listed on a job description. Roles at EMPAUA go far beyond a piece of paper or a few bullet-points. Attitude and team spirit are far more important for us. InboundThrough building our brand and raising brand awareness through social media, we harness more applications through our website. As we grow, our strategy grows too. Blog content, industry updates, and marketing campaigns all allow us to grow our brand and drive further engagement through our careers page on our website.OutboundWe also focus heavily on outbound activity to engage with new candidate. We attend and host community events, engage with candidates on Linkedin and seek referrals from existing and past employees. This proactive approach is made easier through our marketing and employer branding activities.


The first stage of the EMPAUA recruitment is a discovery call. It’s in this first call that we discuss EMPAUA’s unique way of working and the applicants initial expectations. It’s also in this call that we can initially “score” the candidate on 3 core areas: cultural fit, functional skills, role fit via the scorecards setup in our Recruiting & HR Management Software OrgOS. The tool helps us automatically aggregate average scores and maintain an overview over the candidate pipeline via KANBAN dashboard. Also we can create talent pools for candidates we want to engage later and communicate through predefined templates.[caption id="attachment_848" align="alignnone" width="1174"]

OrgOS Applicant Tracking[/caption]This is the most important part of the process for both the candidate and us as the employers. It gives both parties a chance to get a deeper understanding of each other. As a candidate, you want to make sure that the people you will be interacting, the environment you will be working in, and the role itself are all going to be engaging enough. As EMPAUA, we need to make sure that the candidates are capable of working in a completely autonomous role as well as being totally engaged with other members of the team.

Discovery Day

We invite our candidates to spend a whole day at our office. This allows the candidate to meet just about everyone whom they would be working with. As well as completing cultural and technical interviews, we also invite out candidates to sit down for a coffee and a chat, or some lunch, with members of our team who are strictly part of the interviews. This allows both the candidate and us to communicate in a less staged environment and gauge whether there is some alignment between us - could we spend all day working together?


The recruiting panel consists of 4 panel members. Once the discovery day is finished, a feedback form is sent to each member. The panel members provide feedback on the 3 areas on which we score the candidate (cultural fit, role fit, functional skills) as well as providing feedback on the salary expectation of the applicant. This is the chance for the panel to have their say on the candidate and their fit, we aim to clearly communicate our reasons before informing the candidate of the decision reached.


Now the candidate has accepted the job offer and agreed a start date, we aim to make sure that we deliver a smooth and informative few onboarding weeks. Our candidates get to choose between Apple or Windows laptops and are brought up to speed with all the tech we use day to day (Salesforce, Task Ray, Asana etc). Since the way we organise ourselves structurally is different to many companies, we use a mentoring system so that our new hire can get to know how we work. We'll schedule check-ins with our new hires every month during their probation period to make sure they're being supported in the right way, and to get some feedback on how we can improve our process in the future.

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