September 27, 2017

How to Get The Most Out of Dreamforce 2017

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The largest software conference in the world is right around the corner. Salesforce, the CRM giant, has experienced another fantastic year and this year’s Dreamforce is set to be one of the best yet. 170,000 trailblazers from around the globe will flock to San Francisco on November 6th for a 4 day event full of keynotes, learning, networking and partying. There will be talks from Marc Benioff, Michelle Obama, and Ashton Kutcher, and we’ll hear about Salesforce’s latest developments. If you’re lucky enough to have snapped up a ticket, what’s in store for you? Have you started planning how to get the most out of Dreamforce 2017? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get the most out of your trip.


Before you fly halfway across the world, make sure to check out what’s on, and what you’d like to learn at Dreamforce. From talks by the former first lady to keynotes on the latest Einstein developments, familiarise yourself with the line-up.


Dreamforce is the perfect time to network with industry leaders, like-minded trailblazers and prospects. Shoot an update out on LinkedIn to say you’re attending, or add a line in your email signature. If you can set up some meetings before you go, even better!


Make sure you’ve got your business cards ready to go. A decent sized stash is useful to pack in your suitcase: you never know how many prospects you might end up meeting. For the millennials amongst us who deem business cards too old school, make sure you’ve fired up your portable phone chargers and packed your laptop cable. “I’m loving having 0 phone battery”, said no one. Ever.

While you’re there...

If you’re hosting some demos or have a stall, make sure you’ve got some eye catching swag on display. With so many stalls, it’s important that yours stands out. We’ve all seen stress balls and key rings a few too many times before - try to think of something a bit more niche, or that adds a bit more value. Personalised M&Ms with your company logo are pretty fun, or what about handing out journals on the state of IoT, Blockchain and Technology in 2017? (With your business card tucked in the first page, of course ;-) )


Most of us will be familiar with being pitched to by a slightly obnoxious salesperson at an IT conference. Before you try to sell your awesome company, try to connect with your customers on a more personal level. What challenges are they facing right now? How would an ideal customer experience look for them? Listen first, propose your offerings after.


From Health to Telecommunications to FinTech, Dreamforce attracts industry leaders from across the globe. Tap into the knowledge by attending some sessions from world-renowned leaders to hear the latest challenges, solutions and opportunities in your industry. There are over 2,700 sessions to choose from so make sure you get hands on and get the most out of the conference!

Get Social.

Join in the conversation online with the #dreamforce hashtag. Make sure you tag your tweets, instagrams, and Facebook and LinkedIn updates accordingly. You can also see what else is going on, and what’s proving to be popular at the conference. If you feel like going all out, you can even make use of Facebook’s hyper-local advertising to let your target audience at the event know where they can find you. The platform allows you to target ads to a specific location within a single mile.

Have Fun.

Salesforce always manages to add some of the biggest music acts to the 4 day event - past performers have included U2, Foo Fighters and Stevie Wonder! And even without the live music, the plethora of partner-hosted parties each night mean you won’t be lost for something to do in the evening. Get to know your new friends better over a refreshing drink after a long day of networking.

When you return...
Follow Up.

So you’re back at the office with the post-Dreamforce blues. Make sure you unpack all of the information you absorbed over the weekend. Organise your new contacts and reach out to any leads you met while at Dreamforce.


You’re more than likely to have picked up some game-changing tips and tricks while at Dreamforce. Make sure to share this info with your colleagues. Whether you’ve heard about a new automation that will save your company serious resources, or of a successful strategy that a similar company is pulling off, consolidate your learnings and communicate this to the rest of your team.Enjoy your Dreamforce 2017 experience and let us know how you got on!

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