August 17, 2020

EMPAUA's Technology Partnerships

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

We understand the key challenges that each industry faces, and our qualified team is here to tackle them with you.

The high quality of our technology partnerships helps us to take your business to the next level.

These are just some of our partnerships, as we're working to close new agreements to ensure that your Salesforce implementation is successful and as seamless as possible.


Salesforce is the world's #1 CRM software to manage all customer relationships at your business, which brings benefits to all departments, including marketing, sales, customer service, as well as online and brick-and-mortar retail, work on a common CRM platform.

We are a Salesforce Partner and our Salesforce expertise is reflected in the quality of our implementation.

We have a team of experienced professionals ready to make your business a success.

Our implementation is fast, effective, and reliable because we are a one-stop shop. Visit Salesforce website.


Conga is a native workflow automation where you can generate digital documents easily and add e-signature applications.

Besides of digital documents, it also provides presentation generator and reporting tools for Salesforce.

Visit Conga website


Formstack is a data management system that helps users collect information through various types of online forms, including surveys, job applications, event registrations, and payment forms.

Visit Formstack website


DocuSign is an advanced application that allows you to manage electronic agreements throughout eSignature, an easy way to sign documents electronically on different devices.

Visit DocuSign website


TaskRay is the #1 customer onboarding and project management tool in Salesforce.

It makes all of your onboarding tasks organised, repeatable, and scalable, all while tracking key metrics in one place.

Visit TaskRay website

Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed is a top-rated accounting application powered by the Salesforce Platform.

With over 15,000 users, Accounting Seed serves companies of all sizes, within all industries, due to its flexible and customisable nature.

Visit Accounting Seed website


With Aircall, you can integrate your phone number(s) with your Helpdesk, CRM, and other tools seamlessly.

Visit Aircall website

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Salesforce Partner EMPAUA


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Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

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