April 30, 2020

EMPAUA’s remote team building activities: things we’ve done during the lockdown

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Community is one of our core values and guiding principles at EMPAUA, which we have put into practice successfully over the last few weeks of lockdown.

The coronavirus crisis has made us reinvent how we interact with each other and stay connected with our peers. Luckily, working from home is not a new concept for us.

In fact, working remotely is one of the great perks of working at EMPAUA. Our tribe is strong and we are continuously building relationships with people across the company.

Since the lockdown began, our team members have been volunteering to lead different kind of virtual activities that we highly encourage you to start testing them with your colleagues, or at least we hope to spark some ideas for your team.

During these unprecedented times, people are needing more support and resources to stay positive, so these activities might help you stay connected and bring your team together while we are in isolation.

What we’ve done at EMPAUA?

Cooking Class: Cooking classes were one of the first ideas we carried out and it was really fun. Our colleague, Connie, who is currently in Italy, shared her secret tips on Italian cuisine by teaching us how to cook a delicious (and authentic) pasta carbonara and a crostata dessert.

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Quiz-party: every Thursday we all gather to have a 1-hour after work party, where Laura (in Canada at the moment) leads super fun Quizzes about movies, music, tv series, and EMPAUA people.  

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Remote Lunch-hours: we have set up a daily invite so we can all have lunch together while we take a break from work, share cooking tips and chat about anything but work. Just as we normally do over lunch.W

orking out sessions: many of us miss the gym so much and haven’t been motivated to work out alone at home.

So Chris from Munich, without doubt, the most athletic person in the group, has taken on the role of our personal trainer and provides 30-minutes online training sessions so we can still stay active at home. He even sends round a bespoke playlist before each session!

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Origami Workshop: our Salesforce Consultant, Andrew, who is also a paper-shaping lover, hosted an origami workshop, where we learnt the theory behind origami and how to fold some basic figures.

We started off making the shape of a cute puppy face and then progressed to the more advanced task of creating a pigeon. All the rest was up to us and our imagination.

It was really touching to see some of our colleagues having a lovely time with us and their children, who also joined the call.

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Virtual Campfire: we have recently introduced a new way to interact with each other and invited all of our team members to a virtual campfire.

In these sessions, we talk about our likes and dislikes in a more personal way, so even if we are in different locations we can still get to know each other better.

Creating bonds, staying connected and becoming a much more cohesive team have been the main objectives of all of our activities.  

Virtual Guided Meditation: right at the beginning of the lockdown we realised that some people might not deal with the lockdown as well as others.

Since humans are social animals, we have the need to stay in contact with other people, and once that was prohibited, we knew that we should also provide ways to help everyone stay stable.

Plus, due to the anxiety we were all facing because of the uncertainty that this crisis brings, we offered online guided meditations to release tensions and go back to our zen.  

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Working out loud: our Project Manager, Maja, from Berlin, is leading a full course to introduce us to the “Working Out Loud” method.

This is a way to build relationships that can help you achieve a new goal or explore a new topic/skill. Instead of networking to get something, you invest in relationships by making contributions over time, including sharing your work and experiences with others.

It’s these contributions over time, which build trust and deepen a sense of relatedness, and that's what increases the chances for cooperation and collaboration.  

Learning sessions - how to progress your Salesforce career: In hard times, education has been key to those who want to take their Salesforce career further.

Two of our Salesforce Consultants, who together hold 26 certifications, are sharing their success stories with us. In these learning sessions, they share their own experiences in their Salesforce careers, as well as useful tips to prepare for certifications. We are delighted to announce that we have surpassed 200 Salesforce Certifications at EMPAUA across our team members and are very proud of all of them for achieving their professional goals.

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