July 13, 2018

The Digest: Marketing Cloud Release - July

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As Salesforce rolls out a new Marketing Cloud release full of exciting developments and features, here at EMPAUA we've gone through the release and pulled out the most exciting bits, so you don't have to.

Content & Email

Litmus preview integration

Your subscribers open your emails via a wide range of apps, with the new Litmus preview integration, you can preview your emails in across over 90 apps and email providers. The "Preview & Test" feature in Content Builder didn't have the functionality which allowed you to view emails from different email providers. You can easily connect with your litmus account and click on the icon to generate the preview.


Sitecore content integration

If you're using the Sitecore CMS, gone are the days of manually uploading creatives to the platform - you can now use the connector to sync all your assets (images, documents...).The assets from Sitecore are uploaded in Sitecore and the connector will bring the images into Content Builder in a read only mode.

Domain Verification & From Address Management

In the Admin tab you can now access From Address Management. From Address Management is used with Domain Verification in Email Studio to search, filter, add, and start the verification email process for from addresses used for sending.


New APIs released

ResourceDescriptionPOST /messaging/v1/domainverificationCreate a record in From Address Management and trigger a verification email. .GET /messaging/v1/domainverificationRetrieve a list of verified domains for a particular account.POST/messaging/v1/domainverification/updateUpdate a record in From Address Management.POST/messaging/v1/domainverification/bulk/insertQueue a bulk insert to the From Address Management table using either an array of email addresses or a data extension and column reference.

More about email verification

Mobile Studio

Mobile Connect (SMS)

  • You can now send a SMS to a data extension.
  • The Data extension will need to have a phone and local fields type to be choosen as a SMS audience.
  • You will be able to use the data extension fields as personnalisation

AMPscript simplification

Mobile Connect is adding a ContactKey string for AMPscript. This will simplify the SMS personnalisation through your data extensions, and other data modeling elements.The %%ContactKey%% ampscript system variable

Note: it supports for both Contact Key & Subscriber Key. Discover more about the ContactKeyAMPscript feature here

Group connect

Send real time messages thanks to the the Chat Messaging API on line and Facebook Messenger.

More about the goup connect triggered messages

Mobile Push

  • Send logging - You can now create a ticket to the Salesforce Support team to enable the SEND_LOGGING business rule to make this feature available.Here are the fields available in the send log data extension :
  • PushJobID: The ID of the job, or bundle of sends, that included the push notification
  • PushBatchID: The ID of the batch, or bundle of jobs, for batched sends
  • SubID: The ID of the subscriber to whom the message was sent
  • DeviceId: The ID of the device that received the push notification
  • AppId: The ID of the app that received the push notification
  • LogDate: The date that this data was written to the send log
  • SDK improvements and fixes
  • Important highlight: Inbox updated when app is in foreground for the Android SDK
More about the Push release


Journey Builder

  • Journey Folders - Finally, we can keep organise our Customer Journeys into folders - it feels good to be neat and tidy!
  • Google Analytics 360 - Originally released in the April release, we can now have access to a new tab for content tracking and reporting.
  • Send email activity validation helper
  • This validation will help you finding errors in your email prior to the journey activation
  • This tool will evaluate the following:
  • Basic email validation, including subject line, address, opt-outs, and more
  • Basic personalization
  • AMPscript validation
  • Audience validation, including data extensions, exclusion lists, suppression lists, and more
  • Email approval status
  • Job creation errors

Automation Studio

  • Interaction Studio DataSalesforce Interaction Studio empowers marketers to visualize real time journey analytics and personalize the consumer experience at scale on all owned channels, both online and offline. With Lifecycle Insights brands can view the macro consumer-led journey and drill-down into touchpoints for deeper touchpoint analysis to see what is working and what needs improvement. Real-time offer management allows marketers to deliver the most valuable consumer offer, content or message when it matters most to the consumer...immediately. Campaign Orchestration connects messaging and next best actions across all touchpoints and while allowing brands to amplified critical messages by pausing less relevant offers, messages and journeys.
  • Transfer Data


Marketing Cloud Connect

  • Check here before upgrading to the latest version of the connector
  • WSDL/API Version Update in Marketing Cloud ConnectThis latest version enables Synchronized Data Sources to stream newer, replicable objects to Marketing Cloud.
  • A/B TestingYou can now select Salesforce data extensions as A/B testing recipients.

Social & Ads

Advertising Studio : Linkedin support

You can now connect your company Linkedin account with Advertising Studio, allowing you to push Ads directly to Linkedin. Great for Lead Nurturing!

More about Linkedin Ads

Social Studio

  • Apply Instagram Business Features Across Social Studio, Social Studio Automate and Command CenterConvert your current personal Instagram account into a business account. This will allow you to access those Instagram advanced features into Social Studio; access broader published post metrics, import carousel posts, and tag other Instagram users in photos.
  • Tag Users, Business Profiles, or Locations in an Instagram Post Image in Social StudioTag users, business profiles, and locations in images added to an Instagram post. This will bring attention and engagement from your followers.
  • New Engagement Summary Dashboards in Social Studio Analyze
  • You can create an engagement dashboard using the Engagement summary template. Its cards will display the following:
  • Average Response Time
  • Engagement by Classification
  • Leaderboard
  • Response Rate
  • Time Distribution
More about the Social Studio release

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