September 24, 2020

EMPAUA and Accounting Seed established a new partnership for the European market

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

From today, EMPAUA is officially one of the four partners that the big financial company is bringing on for the EMEA market.

Our CEO, Till Klotz, commented to the Enterprise Times blog: “As a Salesforce-only partner, EMPAUA has always sought and succeeded to find solutions for every use case within the Salesforce platform or via integrations.

The partnership between Accounting Seed and EMPAUA is aiming to bring customer success in accounting to the Sales Cloud directly on the platform.

”These partners include Apptituda, EMPAUA, Glic-Tech, and Upper Sigma. All four software implementation specialists are Salesforce certified.

The founder and CEO of Accounting Seed, Tony Zorc said, “Our footprint in EMEA is starting to take off and bringing on these four incredibly skilled and knowledgeable partners will be one of the many aspects that sets us above the competition.

The removal of Sage Financials put numerous companies, on and off the Salesforce Platform, in a business-critical situation, and we are honoured to come alongside these companies in need and offer an accounting solution that is flexible to their needs.”

Read more about the partnership in the press here:

Innovative Features for German Accounting

Accounting Seed is fully equipped to meet all the requirements our customers face. For instance, take a look at our innovative features for German accounting. Additionally, click here to learn more about these features.

  • DATEV Connection: Ensure a secure transfer of all your financial data from Accounting Seed into DATEV.
  • Bank File Dynamic Mapping Utility: The CSV to OFX converter maps every CSV format into Accounting Seed’s required OFX format.
  • Billing Number Assignment: Users can have multiple different Billing Number circles.
  • Billing Auto-Matching: Match the Payment automatically to an open Billing in your system via the Bank Direct Connect/Financial File import.
  • Manual Booking Page: Enter Journal Entries in the preferred way German bookkeepers are used to.

In summary, German users can now seamlessly manage their company’s entire financial life cycle with Accounting Seed by utilizing the Salesforce experience of EMPAUA.Download our Accounting Seed and EMPAUA facts sheet for free to learn more or simply, book a demo today.


Salesforce Partner EMPAUA


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Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

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