January 28, 2019

The Digest: Spring 2019 Release Notes

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As Salesforce rolls out a new release full of exciting developments and features, here at EMPAUA we’ve gone through the release and pulled out the most exciting bits, so that you don’t have to. Yet again, the latest Salesforce release will deliver even more connected customer experiences and new features that will help you enhance lasting customer relationships.

The Low Down

Lightning Experience to be enabled for all orgs in Winter 2020. If you’re already using LEX than this does not matter to you, but for those who are not - maybe now is time to start making the move.Cloud Flow Designer is being replaced with Flow Builder - a faster tool allowing you to build more intuitive flows.


If GDPR affects your business, make sure to check the “Email Experience” updates. New features will allow you to respect customers’ preferences to not receive emails, alerts your Sales reps before they send emails. And give reps permission to send non-commercial GDPR compliant emails.Customers want privacy, you can give it to them with new settings to enforce email privacy: Don’t Market, Don’t Track, Forget this Individual, or Don’t Process requests.You can now "Send Non-Commercial Emails" to prevent sales from violating GDPR. These operational emails include shipping information or service plan changes, previously Salesforce didn’t account for these emails and wouldn’t send any emails to those who had opted out.


Pin your List Views. You can now jump into your most important list views by pinning them in LEX. A pin icon should now be visible in your lists, simply click it to pin that list.Gmail Integration. There have been some improvements to the Gmail Integration to Salesforce including a new combined chrome extension which makes life much easier for everyone.

Sales Cloud

A new High Velocity Sales app includes work queues, email templates, call scripts and better prioritization for your Sales team. The console is very navigation friendly, featuring a highlights panel, a familiar workplace and useful related lists. Also, since the app has Einstein Activity Capture, relevant emails are automatically associated with records in Salesforce, meaning you don’t have to manually update activities.

Service Cloud

Einstein Predictions is coming to cases! Yes, this means Agents time and effort will be saved and accuracy will be improved as Einstein now classifies cases in Service Cloud. All you have to do is add the fields you want to predict for your agents, then build the predictive model. After you’ve built the model, review the recommendations. Then activate th Einstein Case Classification to show your agents Einstein's recommendations.


You can now choose which records sync between Pardot and Salesforce by editing the Marketing Data sharing settings in Salesforce-Pardot connector. Gone are the days of amending sharing rules!Use any custom domain when creating a Vanity URL for your Marketing efforts. Previously you’d have to use your primary domain in Vanity URLs.


From improved partner account relationships, to offering the right deal at the right time with Einstein Next Best Action, there are plenty of new features and improvements in the Communities Spring Release 2019. Check them out here.


Lightning Migration tool is now generally available, making it even easier for your team to transition to LEX.

Einstein Analytics

See which dataflows are taking longer than expected by running event-based scheduling rather than a time-based one. Simply hit Notifications in the dataflows drop-down menu, select an Elapsed time notification and specify a duration.


Salesforce are encouraging everyone to prepare transitioning to Lightning Experience. From Winter ‘20, Salesforce will turn on Lightning Experience on a rolling basis for Salesforce users. To find the complete set of Salesforce Spring ‘19 Release Notes, head over to to the Salesforce Release Notes section on the Salesforce website.

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