October 23, 2018

The Digest: Salesforce Winter '19 Release Notes

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As Salesforce rolls out a new release full of exciting developments and features, here at EMPAUA we’ve gone through the release and pulled out the most exciting bits, so you don’t have to. Yet again, the latest Salesforce release will deliver even more connected customer experiences and new features that will help you enhance lasting customer relationships.

The Low Down

Salesforce for Outlook is slowly being retired and not available to customers new to the product. If you haven’t set it up already then fear not, as you’ll be able to make use of Salesforce’s next generation products: Outlook Integrations (FKA Lightning for Outlook) and Lightning Sync. Both of these products will update with new features automatically - up to three times a year, and come with more innovative features, such as custom layouts for different users, an improved email experience and end to end control of reps sync experience. We recommend scheduling a migration to Outlook Integration or Lightning Sync ASAP.Field history tracking data will now be deleted after 18 months. If you report on older data, you can act now to preserve it by purchasing the Field Audit Trail add-on. You can now change density settings in Lightning Experience, giving you more control on how you wish to view data without changing page layout. Compact Setting allows for up to 30% more fields to visible on the page while Comfy has labels on top of fields and more space between page elements. [caption id="attachment_787" align="alignnone" width="1387"]

Compact Layout - labels to the left of fields and less space between page elements, fits 30% more fields on the page.[/caption][caption id="attachment_788" align="alignnone" width="1372"]

Comfy - labels on the top of fields and more space between page elements.[/caption]How? From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter Density Settings in the Quick Find box, and then select Density Settings.[caption id="attachment_789" align="aligncenter" width="346"]

Source: Release Notes[/caption]You can now change multiple owners in Lightning. You can select up to 200 records and then click Change Owner in the page-level action menu.


Limits for number of flows, number of processes, and number of waiting interviews, have been severely increased.There seem to be new entitlements for Flow Interviews per org. The wording makes it seem like these limits did not exist before. You may want to keep an eye on your usage and ring up Salesforce support if needed…

General Stuff

Want to keep users in Lightning Experience? You can prevent users from switching back to classic. Maybe more of a ‘Stick’ method of keeping up adoption, but one which will certainly keep people in LEX. How? In the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant, on the Set Up Users tab, turn on Keep Lightning Experience Users in Lightning Experience Only.

Sales Cloud

Einstein Forecasting is making Salesforce even more intelligent, build longer lasting relationships with your customers through CPQ Evergreen Subscriptions and get your Marketing team even smarter through Pardot in LEX.If you or your sales team use Enterprise Territory Management and collaborative forecasting, the two have now been made compatible. Forecasting by territory allows you to compare expected revenues across sales territories.Forecasts are improved with better navigation and sharing. When you switch opportunity owners, you can now retain edit rights on that opportunity.

Service Cloud

From Einstein Bots to LiveMessage in LEX to skill based routing. The latest Service Cloud upgrades will support your agents and delight your customers.Einstein Bots can now use autolaunched Flows. LiveMessage gest a few updates including Facebook Messenger connections.You can access LiveAgent Setup in Lightning Experience. This was previously something that required you to go back to classic.Route Work to Agents Using Both Queues and Skills Simultaneously in the Same Org. I mean their title is perfect, not going to rewrite it.Skill Based routing beta now also available for liveagent


Sales and Marketing on a single app? Yes! Pardot is now in Lightning Experience - allowing your users to stay productive by keeping them in Salesforce. You can keep Pardot and Salesforce campaign members in sync.Joined Reports in Lex (beta, limited)


You can use Kanban on the Recently Viewed lists. nice.[caption id="attachment_790" align="alignnone" width="1002"]

Kanban. Source: Release Notes[/caption]The Lightning Usage App is now better, giving you stats about where users switch back to classic, page load times, per browser, etc. Helpful when it comes to improving page performance.Email Opens now tracked in the Activity timeline of records.You can now set component visibility based on user permissions, making your Lightning pages even more dynamic. This means you can create rules for certain components to be displayed to some users, and hidden to other, based on their permissions.


Whether you use Visualforce, Apex, APIs or Lightning Components, Winter 19’s upgrades will enhance the way you build applications on the Salesforce Platform.You can now share extensible functionality with the callable interface: System.callable. This “interface enables you to use a common interface to build loosely coupled integrations between Apex classes or triggers, even for code in separate packages”. This will come in handy when developers from different companies or departments which to build on one another’s solution. To find out how to implement the callable interface, see the release notes.Other cool updates for devs:Apex Methods can now be Cacheable.You can fetch images over HTTPS now with IMAGEPROXYURL, and isolate third party content via Iframes. Class sharing can now be inherited from a parent class.New components including beautiful maps using Google Maps.


Einstein Analytics got a fair share of upgrades in this release. From updating their supply of ever-increasing templates on the Analytics Platform to integrating Einstein Discovery into Einstein Analytics, there’s a lot happening. Head over to the Analytics Cloud release notes on Salesforce to find out more.


You can warn users they’re leaving salesforce, opt- out of instanceless My Domain URLs, toggle stricter CSP instead of just activating it.Jazz up your login pages with a customised background image, giving your employees a unique experience that reflects your brand when logging into your company’s instance. How? On the Login & Registration page of the Administration Workspace, you can add your logo. For the background, choose a colour, or enter a URL for an image. Branding options apply to the entire login experience.[caption id="attachment_784" align="alignnone" width="1636"]

Source: Winter '19 Release Notes[/caption]

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