April 1, 2020

CRM for start-ups: Why is this the moment to introduce change

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To overcome the COVID-19 crisis seamlessly and maintain sustainable growth, we recommend looking at Salesforce solutions and how to kick off their implementation.

We understand that these unprecedented times might lead you to think it's not a good moment to be introducing change, however, the powerful tools of Salesforce will keep your business alive and accelerate growth while also allowing your people to work remotely.

All startups and middle-sized companies have come to a clear turning point when a business needs to investigate a powerful CRM.

However, some of the signs usually come quite late and are only recognised when systems/processes are starting to fall down or cause big issues.

One of the biggest reasons to look at Salesforce is that it enables you to scale your business: by generating more leads; more sales and improving your customer satisfaction.

Salesforce has various products that are specially designed to deliver each goal; Let’s take a look at what Salesforce has to offer to you and your business:

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Generating more leads:

You can capture leads and support your sales team using the Marketing Cloud solution. Here, the (online) work of your Marketing and Sales teams will be aligned,  achieving your goals easier and faster.

In the Marketing Cloud, you can control all Marketing activities like email campaigns with dynamic content, or optimise your campaigns with A/B tests. Moreover, you can measure marketing ROI by tracking which source or campaign your potential customers came from. Basically, you will have everything under control and won’t miss any opportunity.

Winning and closing more sales:

As Marketing Cloud takes cares of all your marketing efforts, so Sales Cloud will automate your sales processes and free you of administrative tasks. This enables your teams to concentrate fully on selling with access to their contacts, sales projects, sales performance and customer interactions, all in one place.

Moreover, management can get real-time insights from dashboards and reports, ensuring they’re up-to-date with the current status of the company. If you have just started your company, we recommend considering Salesforce Essentials, a CRM solution for up to five users that is ready to use in a few minutes.

Higher customer satisfaction

Let’s say you have decided to scale your business,  getting more leads and sales via Salesforce’s Marketing and Sales Cloud.

That’s great, but, you cannot ignore how important it is to maintain the relationship with your customers to generate loyalty.

Service Cloud provides the  ‘help desk’ solution that start-ups and small businesses need. Easy to set up, Service Cloud enables you to track customer inquiries from e-mails, social media, telephone calls and chats in a single view. It organises your customer service so the right person deals with the right issue at the right time.

By implementing Salesforce solutions, your goal of sustainable growth and full control of your business through one platform is possible today. With Salesforce, you will have a 360 degrees view of your entire business: online and in real-time.

At EMPAUA, we have vast experience working with hyper-growth clients.

We understand when they reach the realisation that their current CRM just can’t scale with their projected growth plans and can help avoid months of pain and frustration by swiftly implementing a new system for them.

Within our team, we have Senior Salesforce Consultants, highly qualified Project Managers and Salesforce Developers to help your business scale right now. Let's talk today to learn more about Salesforce Solutions and its implementation.

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Salesforce Partner EMPAUA

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