August 23, 2022

Changes You Must Know about Workflow Rules and Process Builder in 2022

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Did you know about the phasing out of Process Builder and Workflow Rules, to make Flow the all-in-one tool for automation? No worries! In this document, we explain what is happening, what to do and how to do it.

What is happening?

The phasing out of Process builder and workflow rules, to make Flow the all-in-one tool for automation.

The phasing out is gradual. Salesforce plans to block the ability to create new processes and workflows in Winter ’23, pending successful migrations and community - these future dates are all forward-looking statements and are subject to change.

Why is it happening?

Having more than one  automation tool (workflows, process builder and flow) actually causes problems in seeing the overall picture of your organisation's automations.

Flows can provide more when it comes to complex automation requirements.

Salesforce will now only develop and improve one tool instead of three.

What do you need to do?

The best way to maintain and future-proof your organisation is to move your automation to Flow. This is where we can help you!

Automation Strategy: 

Do you have a large amount of workflows or process builders?

  • Rather than migrate them, it may be beneficial to take the time to review your automations.
  • Identifying where processes can be combined, removed or migrated to flow, assures that you can optimise your automations and use the most up-to-date features.

Use a Flow Migration Tool:

  • Available within your Salesforce org, within the setup, you will see an option for Migrate to Flow (beta).
  • It is a 1-1 migration tool; this means that 10 Workflow Rules would create 10 Flows.
  • This is a limitation as the current recommended best practice number of Flows per object is three.

It's time to go with the Flow!

Benefits of using Flow

Flows are a lot more powerful than the other automation tools. Benefits include:

  • Better functionality and ability to handle complex automations at a large volume.
  • Improved error handling and debugging potential.
  • Regular enhancements/new features to the flow builder by Salesforce.
  • Query, update, create, and delete any Object for single and multiple records. The only declarative tool that can do this!

This is only a fraction of the benefits flow can offer. Ask us for more.

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