March 10, 2020

Celebrating International Women's Day: Meet EMPAUA's female force

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Happy Women's Day to all the women at EMPAUA and to all the strong, beautiful women in the world! We didn't want to miss out on celebrating them because we are very proud of the female workforce we have in our company. It is important to us to maintain both equality and diversity among our colleagues. We would like to share some interesting facts about the women in our company.

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

The male-female ratio at EMPAUA has improved rapidly since we were founded in 2014, and we’re aiming to maintain a balance that’s above the average for the cities, where we have established offices. To us, equality is one of our major objectives when hiring new talents, so we can demonstrate we’re a fair company striving for fair conditions in the workplace.

TodayToday, we have 53 active team members across Europe. Of these, 33 are men and 20 women, which means 38% of our colleagues are women, currently working in diverse areas of the business from Operations, Sales and Marketing to IT, People (Human Resources) and Finance. In our London office, female representation is even a bit higher: 40% of our team members are women. There’s still some work to do to get to the ideal 50% level, but it is a promising number for a tech company, where men used to dominate the field. When it comes to senior positions, we are actually over the 50% mark, though: we are very proud to share that 57% of them are held by women!

This means, at least when it comes to women in leadership positions, EMPAUA is in an excellent place already. Closely related is the topic of fair remuneration - we all know that salary is often not really dependent on actual performance, but on gender: the gender pay gap is all over the media. Sadly, this is still a reality in many organisations’ cultures, but not in ours.

At EMPAUA, all salaries are transparent, so everyone knows exactly what their colleagues earn. What’s more, we also think that every person is best positioned to make a qualified decision on their salary, which is why we set them ourselves. This forces all of us to reflect on the actual value we bring to the company. That way, inequalities and unfair differences between men and women are just not an issue!

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

What is the empirical experience of women at EMPAUA? Take a look at their thoughts below:

Steffi Kromer, Founder and Managing Director in Switzerland, Zurich: ““Founding a company as the only woman with five men sounds like a tough time, right? Wrong! To me, our genders didn’t matter as much as purpose, cultural fit, respect, drive, and fun at work. And with my fellow EMPAUA board members, I share all those qualities! For companies, I hope to be founding in the future, I will balance this out more right from the start, if I get the chance to do so – but the purpose will also then always come first.

In day to day business, I found that people were often surprised when they learned I was the founder and Managing Director of the company. Even though they generally congratulated me and loved the fact that I, as a woman, was in such a position, it still showed me that in general it is still not considered as „normal“. I have noticed an immense improvement in this regard over the last few years, but there is definitely a way to go yet. Within EMPAUA, we have managed to build up a wonderful team of women and men, who work towards our purpose together, and where mutual respect is really lived. We truly value each other, and I think that is something that needs to be done more, everywhere."

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