August 8, 2019

Boost Your Business Operations with this 9 Salesforce Solutions

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Are you starting a business and feel that you are growing fast but your operations are far behind your expectations? We hear you! We all agree that the Operations of your business refers to the administration of best practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible in order to maximise profit within an organisation. Alongside, generating as much revenue as possible, minimising the organisation’s cost of doing business will strongly impact its profitability. Therefore, regardless of the size of your organisation, maintaining efficient operations is key. However, have you ever feel that they are not going with the same rhythm that you wish they go? No worries, we have too. Efficient operations have both a direct and indirect impact on an organisation’s profitability, which is why the value of achieving this efficiency should never be underestimated. As well as helping to reduce costs, it can often have a positive effect on customer satisfaction, which in turn can increase sales and ultimately revenue.Now that we are all clear and in agreement on how vital efficient operations are, what can you do to create this? More importantly, what can you do to generate a sustainable solution that will scale and provide flexibility based on your organisation’s changing needs and requirements? Remember, this is not necessarily about simply cutting costs, but creating optimum efficiency to enable your business to add as much value to your customers as possible. And no, ‘trimming the fat’ from the organisation is not the correct answer!The answer here is as simple as Technology. So, let’s start talking “Salesforce”. More than a CRM software, our Salesforce implementations in your business will provide a platform that can connect your customers, users, finance, payroll and marketing data in one, cloud-based, easy to access the application! Yes, you read it correctly: One cloud-based application - giving you a complete 360 degree view.The quicker and easier you can get your products or services to your customers, the more efficient for you and of course the better experience for them. This is exactly what the Salesforce solutions allows you to do. Completely aligned with your business processes it enables you to effectively automate a lot of your operations, saving employees time, thus allowing more time to be spent on customers and potential revenue-generating activity. So, Why is Salesforce the right CRM for you?

9 EMPAUA’s solutions to boost your business today!

  1. Improving productivity with easy to configure and create automation tools - this, in turn, will increase the capacity of your resources to perhaps take on additional tasks.
  2. Increasing collaboration between your employees by providing an effective communication platform.
  3. Providing complete visibility of data, allowing a more proactive approach to be taken with business decisions.
  4. Reducing errors - with one source of truth you can be certain you are looking at the correct information.
  5. Improve customer service and support - quickly view your customer's entire history and have the ability to access an entire knowledge base of articles and solutions to help them, ensuring you can get back to them quickly and effectively
  6. Improve connectivity with 3rd party integrated tools e.g. sync your emails and tasks to Salesforce.
  7. A cloud-based solution where setting up users is a simple process - avoid any costly outsourced IT expenses.
  8. Manage all your leads in one place making sure you never miss out on a potential business opportunity again.
  9. Many, many more reasons. We could easily list a hundred more!

Has the light returned to your day? The truth is that you don’t have to struggle anymore. There is, however, one thing to take into consideration… you could be using the best technology in the world, but, without a successful Salesforce implementation, you could potentially be causing more harm than good. We are a certified ‘Salesforce for Startups’ partner and this is what we do. With decades of Salesforce experience, we understand the full potential it can release. More importantly, we understand that every single startup business model is unique which is why our primary focus is to find out what makes you great - so that we can help you achieve becoming the best at what you do.Do you need more information about Salesforce Implementation?

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

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