November 6, 2017

5 telltale signs that your company could benefit from Salesforce Implementation

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5 telltale signs that your company could benefit from Salesforce Implementation_BLOG POST

Successful customer relationship management is vital to any business. But is investing in and implementing a CRM system worthwhile for yours?The right CRM system can add significant value to your business and give you the edge over competitors by intelligently managing your consumers’ information, helping your marketing team reach customers in the best manner, and boosting your sales team through transparent lead management. Here are 5 telltale signs that your company could benefit from Salesforce Implementation.1. Lost in Excel SheetsSome businesses are a little behind the pack and working from numerous excel sheets to organise their prospects, leads and customer information. A CRM solution will allow you to manage all of your prospects in one place and prioritise them accordingly. Your Sales team can easily keep track of who is communicating with which customer, and see historic correspondence with particular customers, making for more efficient operations and a seamless customer experience.2. Too many Leads to handleIf you’re juggling leads, you might be running the risk of leads slipping through. Organise your leads more effectively, close deals and improve your sales success rates.3. Trouble with ReportingLogging data manually to produce reports is time-consuming. With a CRM, your sales team will not need to waste any time in inputting data onto spreadsheets, and can instead focus on their role as a salesperson.4. You’re growingYour company is growing, but are your current business processes able to handle the influx of new business? With a successful CRM implementation, you can scale your IT operations at the right rate to ensure your business runs at its optimum capacity.5. Failing to create compelling customer experiencesThe global business space is fierce. It’s of pinnacle importance that we create engaging customer experiences so that our consumers can interact with our company in the best way, make the sales and retain long-term-value customers. With a shoddy customer experience, it’s likely that prospects will skip your offerings and go for a competitor who offers a more user-friendly experience.

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