December 16, 2022

3 Steps To Drive Data Transformation with Tableau

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Now is a critical time for businesses to develop a practical approach to making decisions more data and insight-driven. In this article, we show you the 3 Steps To Driving Data Transformation with Tableau and how this powerful tool and Salesforce can unleash the full power of your data. 

You're collecting customer information and data to make the best decisions, but what value are you getting from it? Does this data help you provide a unique customer experience and reduce costs?

We all know the importance of data. It is arguably the most valuable resource in the world right now. 

It's proven that data-driven companies perform better on key business metrics such as revenue growth, customer retention and profitability. 

In our experience, we know that most organisations have no problem collecting data. However, the problem comes when they want to make sense of it.

A McKinsey study of 1,000 companies worldwide with more than $1 billion in revenue showed that only 8% distinguished themselves from the rest by using and managing analytics. 

The reason for this problem is simple: most data analytics tools are too complex. In addition, many people need more technical skills to connect to and analyse an organisation's data.

We commonly see companies needing more staff trained in data analysis, with a few people in the company who are genuinely data-oriented, leaving the rest with inaccurate graphs and static reports.

Even when companies have highly trained and data-savvy staff, getting an analytics platform up and running can be daunting. Many customers have told us that today's platforms are too complex to configure and difficult to scale.

These are some of the biggest challenges we have identified, but today, they are solvable with Tableau and Salesforce. Why and how are companies doing it? 

Here are the 3 Steps To Driving Data Transformation with Tableau 

  1. Build a data infrastructure. Building a data infrastructure is an essential best practice for useable and secure data. Here is very important to consider: 
  • Preparation
  • Integration
  • Governance
  1. Insights. Empower your teams to access and analyse data across silos. The three key elements here are: 
  • Prediction
  • Exploration
  • Collaboration
  1. Action. Place data at the heart of every decision to drive action. At this point, you want to turn insights into activities that move your organisation forward.

Why businesses are using Tableau 

Intuitive design: Your employees at all levels can explore and analyse data using visuals and natural language, allowing them to get answers easily and act quickly. 

Powerful tools

Tableau helps everyone at your company understand data.  Intuitive tools help you go further with data exploration and discover insights faster. 

People learn faster

By enabling your staff to explore data quickly, iteratively, and providing immediate feedback, they tend to feel more connected to the information, leading to a deeper understanding and making better decisions. 

Governance and security

Your data and content must be protected, governed and organised, so people can discover, consume and create content confidently. 

Integrated Platform

Tableau provides a complete, integrated analytics platform with no hidden complexities, which means less risk of project delays or failures due to unseen obstacles, such as trying to force interoperability between multiple products. 

The Tableau community

Tableau is used by more than 80,000 customers and has been named a market leader by Gartner for the eighth year.

Save money. Scale quickly. Work intelligently. 

We can show you the best solution, even if your company is not using Salesforce. Learn more about Tableau. If you are already onboard, the integration and connection are pretty smooth. 


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