Transform your Salesforce organisation to enhance employee experience, drive adoption, and accelerate revenue growth with Cognism and EMPAUA

Enhance employee experience, drive adoption, and accelerate revenue growth

Cognism enables customers to obtain the direct and compliant contact details for individuals and companies in their ICP, gain insights helping teams prioritise the best leads, and automatically update and enrich existing records, ensuring your Salesforce data never becomes outdated.

Access Cognism’s global database with Cognism Prospector

  • Access Cognism’s global database of 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies, right within your Salesforce.
  • Filter down to your precise ICP and save the direct and compliant contact details as leads, contacts or accounts.
  • Gain key insights helping your team prioritise the leads most likely to close

Identify a person or an account on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator you’d like to get in touch with

Activate our Chrome extension to surface the Cognism data on this individual, including email, and phone numbers. Save the individual or company directly into Salesforce to ensure all activity is logged.

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We are looking forward to leveraging this relationship to support our current and future customers with their business intelligence needs.


Empowering people and organisations

Cognism identifies when a prospect has moved roles, or a company has gone through changes. These changes can help identify leads that are a better fit into your ICP and should be prioritised by your reps.


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Automatically update these records so your Salesforce data never becomes outdated

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