Salesforce Partner EMPAUA
Salesforce Partner EMPAUA


Manage lead automations faster and smarter. Define non-standard lead field mappings, create and monitor auto-conversion rules, all without the need for technical expertise.

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Leadly EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Define non-standard lead field mappings

Map any lead fields to contact, account, and opportunity, saving your team time and effort when converting leads. You can also map one lead field to multiple fields of the same target object.  Leadly enables easy customization and flexible handling of mappings.

Leadly EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Use simple search instead of scrolling

Search your chosen fields through the search bar instead of endless scrolling through picklists.

Leadly EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Create and monitor auto-conversion rules

If you are working with many leads, you have probably wished to skip the steps of clicking “Convert”, choosing to create an opportunity and finally clicking “Convert” again. With this app, you can define several auto-conversion rules and outcomes without having to use apex triggers.

Leadly User Guide EMPAUA

Getting Started: Leadly User Guide

Getting started with Leadly is very simple. Downloading and installing the app will take you just minutes. Ready for Leadly?


Why Leadly?

Improve your lead generation processes with our Leadly app, created and specially designed to accelerate your processes and improve your customers' experience.

EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Easy configuration

Leadly requires no technical knowledge or coding background. Anybody can use it, and you can simply set up your mapping with a click of the mouse.
EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

User Friendly

The app is straightforward to use, and it's easy to revise and edit your configuration (fields).
EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

All in one place

Use this app to manage your lead automations in one place, save time and make the lives of your sales team easier.
EMPAUA Salesforce Solutions

Boost your Team's Productivity

Empower your team to easily define non-standard lead field mappings, create and monitor auto-conversion rules, all without the need for technical expertise.

“Our goal is to optimally accompany our customers in a data-driven manner and to address them with relevant offers that meet their needs. With the help of EMPAUA, we succeed!"

Jarno Wittig - Managing Director

Leadly, EMPAUA's #1 App

Manage all your Lead automations with one app. Leadly helps you to manage all your lead automations with one app. Learn more about Leadly in this cheat sheet.

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EMPAUA's Methodology

We understand the key challenges that each industry presents
because our clients are at the heart of our business, and to deliver a premium service, we rely on a thorough methodology that guides us to design, develop and implement cloud-based solutions.


We understand your vision and goals with a comprehensive discovery phase, and aim to embed ourselves in your business.


Roadmap of how your Salesforce solution will align with, and optimise your business processes to achieve your short-term and longer-term objectives.


Iterative and continuous development that delivers value quickly, with our approach ensuring quick wins are identified and achieved.


Our partnership continues post go-live, as we move onto future phases. Constant review of priorities to ensure your Salesforce solution is evolving in line with your vision.

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Delivering the right support for our clients' success starts with the right partners

Clients are at the heart of our business. We’ve worked with more than 14 unicorns companies in Europe and exciting enterprises from some of the fastest growing industries in the world.

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