Covid-19 Kit

We are working to help minimise the impact of COVID19 on our clients. This is why we are we are offering health checks and a 2-hour virtual workshop, which will result in a statement of work (SoW) with recommendations for your Org. Click here to chat with our representatives and get more information about it

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Given the COVID19 pandemic, travelling, face-to-face meetings and physical contact can lead to a spread of the virus. Many governments have released guidelines or new policies in order to get a grip on the outbreak, and many companies have moved their employees to a home-office setup to take responsibility in flattening the curve.

At EMPAUA, we have been working in a setup with 6 offices in 4 countries over the past 5 years and have gathered some practical advice on how to keep working productively from home.These tips and tricks include technology, information on how to structure virtual meetings efficiently, and how to cope with the physical isolation personally. Check them out here:

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