July 20, 2020

3 minutes with EMPAUA People: Tiberius Raducan

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Community is one of our core values and guiding principles at EMPAUA. Team building is not only about organising cool events with the team, but rather creating a community, a safe space of trust and support. Of course, team activities are a great way to bond with your colleagues, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as build a healthier work environment. Take a look at our post on EMPAUA’s remote team building activities: things we’ve done during the lockdown.For this episode of 3 Minutes with EMPAUA People, Tiberius Raducan, Salesforce Consultant at our London office shares his experience, in particular how the onboarding week process was for him. Watch it now![embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nXGcsS4lLw[/embed]

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